Food Bank

Donations of non-perishable items may be left in the Food Bank box by the front door. Third Sunday of each month is “Food Bank Sunday.”


IGA Receipts

Are you saving your IGA receipts? Some of you, possibly new in our Church Family, may not be aware of this program. There is a box on the table in our entrance where you can deposit your receipts.


The convener of this ministry is Shirley Pearson, and the co-convener is Ian Scott. Ian does the calculations, and then Shirley submits them to our local IGA, with a letter to the manager. It takes $5,000of receipts to produce one $20 IGA gift voucher. These are administered by our Rev. Glenn, to those in need, either in our church or community.


Jen’s tens

Please contribute your dimes to the Jen’s Tens Jug on the counter. Funds raised are sent to “our” school on the garbage dump in Guatemala City. See poster by the piano downstairs.


Lend an ear

Lend an ear is a program at the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Shirley Pearson was involved in this project for about ten years, and came up with the “Lend an ear” marketing tool.

If you have used hearing aids, please give them to Shirley Pearson to support this program.


Used eye glasses

Please put used eye glasses in the box by the front door, collected and donated to the Salvation Army Thrift Shop.



The Bible Society has pulled up stakes in the Lower Mainland and hence we need to change our stamp program. Another worthy recipient is the BC SPCA, and all stamps collected in recent months and in the future will be brought to the BC SPCA.