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Although the roots of the Presbyterian church are in Scotland, and many of the founders of WVPC were indeed Scottish, one now hears accents from around the world in our pews (Korean, Iranian, Ukrainian, South African, Chinese, Estonian. . . ). Our congregation remains small enough so that everyone learns to know each other and can truly feel that they are part of a “church family.” Besides enjoying worship and coffee time together, we often have fun fund-raising events at which some of us actually dance in the aisles! We celebrate significant dates together, and when anyone suffers illness or any kind of loss, we are there for them.

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The Presbyterian Church in Canada

The Presbyterian Church in Canada is part of the Reformed family of Christian Churches, tracing
its history through the time of the Reformation in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Our
current form as a denomination dates to a church union of 1875, and a continuance of those
Presbyterians who remained separate from the 1925 union which formed the United Church of
Canada from Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregationalist roots. The form of the Presbyterian
Sunday services are somewhat similar to those of the Methodist and United churches, including
prayers, hymns, a sermon and choral music. Through Presbyterian Sharing we help support other
Presbyterian churches in Canada. and through Presbyterian World Services and Development we
help those in need throughout the world.
We embrace and repeat the Apostles' Creed during our Communion services, but do not
approach the Bible from a literalist point of view.

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